GoPro Awards: Slackline the Moai Tower

Nestled away in Fortescue Bay on the south east coast of Tasmania, Australia sits the 105 foot tall abrasive dolerite rock formation called Moai Tower. While this is more commonly a climbing route Ryan Paul Robinson had other ideas. Check out this jaw-dropping slackline.

Finding Adventure at the End of the World

New York Times

Professional highliner Ryan Robinson travels to the southern tip of Argentina looking for adventure.

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The High Performer


“I’m definitely afraid of heights,” says professional highliner Ryan Robinson. “Some people have a natural fortitude for heights and not being afraid of them. That's not me. I have those fears, I'm normal, they exist.”

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Ryan Robinson slacklines from Natomas Crossing to Truss Bridge


On Saturday, May 2 Ryan Robinson returned to his hometown of Folsom, successfully crossing the gap between Natomas Crossing and the City's historic Truss Bridge on a 1-inch-wide slackline, setting a new world record.

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CRG Highline

A Highlining short featuring Ryan Robinson at the beautiful Cosumnes River Gorge doing his thing on the 240".

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